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How to change IP address?
How to change IP address?
11-12-2014 - 05:58 PM


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Sometime you want to change your IP address because of your IP address is rejected by some website or apps for mobile. There are alot of ways to hide IP address, you can using software(such as: GhostSurf PlatinumInvisible IP MapCyberGhost VPN,... ) or join to a VPN but most of them is not for FREE. If you use their trial, you will face many limitations and waste your time.
Quote:You can read: Godaddy: Unable to Process in this article, I told about some FREE software using to fake your IP address.

Otherwise, you can using alot of Google Chrome Plugin or plugin Firefox to do this. In this article, I will show you How to fake your IP address using ZENMATE. What is it? ZenMate is a free VPN extension for Chrome.

Change IP address using ZenMate

I recommend that you should using this plugin to hide your IP address because it's FREE, it's very SIMPLE and it's EASY being with you.

First of all, open Chrome -> go to Settings:
  Then choose Extentions:
And make sure that ZenMate is not installed. Then click to Get more extensions
Below: chrome web store  you type: "zenmate" and press Enter. After that you can see the ZenMate extention as follow image:
Click to Free then a dialog box will appear:
Click to Add and wait a moment for Chrome download and integrate ZenMate into Chrome.
After installation successfully, you will see this:
 Now, get secured for ZenMate by type your email address:
If this is the first time you install this plugin, ZenMate will generate a password for you. Note: you have to remember this password for installation ZenMate. I mean if you uninstall chrome or remove ZeMate, in one day you want to using ZenMate again and in this step you have to type the above password to logging to ZenMate:
If you forget your password, click to Forgot your password? or if you forget your email click to Signup.
Look at the chrome's bar you can see a shield, click to it:
Click to Change Location you will see all country then choose the country that you want to FAKE your IP address:
Read this artile step by step and doing above instructions you can hide or fake your IP address easilly!
The end.
Watch this clip for more details:

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