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How to change country or change location in Gmail Account?
How to change country or change location in Gmail Account?
11-12-2014 - 06:11 PM


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When you register a new Google account for using Google services like: Gmail, Google Play, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Youtube, Google Analytics, Google Plus etc ... As Google said: "A single username and password gets you into everything Google."
First of all, Google will automatically detect your location based on your IP address:


There are many different reasons of wanting to change your location(or your country) in Google account, for example:
You have a warning when you try to download an app in Google Play store, like this: "This item isn‘t available in your country":

Some examples:
Quote:"My gmail account was created in Portugal, but I  am now living in the UK.
I have been trying to change my country, because I am trying to buy a NEXUS, but it keeps saying "Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet."
How can I change my address?"
Quote:I signed up to a new Gmail account that I'll be using for my blog when I was on vacation in Egypt. Now, whenever I want to sign up at any website using this Gmail account, it assumes that my country is Egypt, however, I live in Lebanon!
Quote:I'm trying to download an App on the Play Store, specifically the Vue Cinema app, but this app is only (presumably) available in the UK. I have just relocated to the UK, so how do I set my location to be the UK? I have updated my google+ settings to say that I am currently in the UK. Also, my google account is a Google Apps account but I don't there is any location associated with Google Apps.

Can I do it?

The answer is YES, you can do it now! Below I will show you how to do this by just following along step-by-step with the instructions below:

How to change?

There're some cases:

1. You create a new Gmail account
You can choose your country or territory of residence as image below:


2. You created a Gmail account.

2.1 You move to another country and your account is veried by your phone number and you added the Recovery email:

2.1.1 Go to Gmail choose Account or you can click here:

2.1.2 On the Personal info you choose Edit 


2.1.3 After that you may re-enter your password, on the Email & phone click to Edit Recovery email

2.1.4 On the Account recovery options page, you choose Edit Your mobile phone number:


2.1.5 Now you will see the Country's selectbox, click to change your country as following:


Note: You have to change your mobile phone number which is belong to current country you're living. If not Google will warning you: "The phone number you entered isn't valid. Make sure you've selected the correct country and entered the right number of digits."
If you don't want to using the phone number: JUST CLEAR IT then click to Save button
 2.2 You move to another country and your account is NOT veried by any phone number and you added the Recovery email:
2.2.1 We start at 2.1.3, after you click to Edit Recovery email you will be redirected to Account recovery options page:

2.2.2 Click to Add phone then choose your Country that you want to changing to, after that click to Save:
2.3 You move to another country and your account is NOT veried by any phone number and you haven't added the Recovery email

2.3.1 We start at 2.1.3, in this step, you click to Add a recovery email
 2.3.2 After that you will back to step 2.2.2 click to Add phone then choose your Country that you want to changing to, after that click to Save.
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