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The best software to test your keyboard
The best software to test your keyboard
10-09-2013 - 11:02 PM


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Sometimes you realize that your keyboard does not belong to you, sometimes it is not under your control anymore because the computer screen appears some characters that you do not press or it’s just moving up or down without your control.
That is the time to think about the situation that some of keys on your keyboard are broken.
In another situation, when your computer is booting it suddenly produces a long warning sound like u u u … and not stops until you press some keys or it gets to the Welcome screen. I could definitely tell you that your keyboard is getting something wrong. You should test or check it as soon as possible.
I suggest trying PassMark KeyboardTest V3.0 to test your keyboard. It costs $24 US dollars for the full version, however with the trial one you could still use it in 30 days that is seemed enough for you to check out any problem.
First, download and install it at here.


At the start-up screen, click on Continue for your 30day evaluation.


Now you should press one by one key to ensure that it is still ok or not. If one key gets the green color then it’s still ok. If it shows a blue one, so that key has error. If you got some or one key broken, you can choose to replace the keyboard by a new one.

However if it is the key that you do not use regularly you should consider to disable it. Alternatively, if it is an important key you could still map that key to other key so you can save not a small amount of money. That sounds amazing.
In the next thread, I will show you how to do that easily and certainly free of charge.
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RE: The best software to test your keyboard
05-22-2014 - 06:26 PM
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Nice tool! I had the same problems with my keyboard and even thought to buy a new one or address to specialists from web application development services, but I decided to browse the Internet and found it. Thanks!!!

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