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You have a percent chance is because
You have a percent chance is because
08-07-2014 - 02:35 PM

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You have a  percent chance is because the same lifestyle you know I'm saying he doesn't think I saw your mom for something difficult for you yeah I'm sorry you know love yak live in the same way that the CE you want to policy  you know G yeah I think they're down well like we said Thermosculpt Pro before convenience is one didn't think that that is destroy our society jest arm that notion that the things that we do anything day the podia think they should be convenient a quick to do I the explosion up fast full restaurants tax because you know have time to come home me cook a meal I'll a convenience store hang too much good you can get outtacould be in store just you know a you know you have some stuff you know you can go in and grab a pack up after the something might and my interns is something they can decade near issue or something like that.
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