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The Lean Body: Muscle Power
The Lean Body: Muscle Power
08-06-2014 - 07:35 PM

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A lean body, the well sought after look of firm, developed muscles with chiseled 
abs and defined biceps is possible with a few well honed secrets in your program. 
Lean body mass has all the body tissue except storage fat. Regardless of your 
current condition, the lean body goal is attainable with the proper vision, 
program and commitment.  FB1-TESTEating Lean 
The diet for building a lean body is an essential ingredient in the program. It is 
essential to take in ample calories to keep the metabolism functioning at peak 
levels. Many weight loss programs require severe restrictions in calorie level, 
which actually slows metabolic burn rate.Essential in the diet is high quality dietary protein. It is critical that protein sources 
have both high protein content as well as a low fat content. Lean beef, skinless 
chicken, and fish offer solid choices for lean, high quality protein.
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