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Hack Apple TV to enable an Add Site feature
Hack Apple TV to enable an Add Site feature
10-03-2013 - 07:02 PM


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This hacking solution belongs to David Schuetz, an Apple TV hobbyist. This hack does not require a jailbreak and works on v5.x and earlier-build Apple TVs.
With this hack you can enable an Add Site feature on the main Apple TV screen. And using this feature you can add custom sites to the Apple TV menu. On the released solution it lets David hook up a Raspberry Pi media server to his ATV.


The details of his discovery can be found here on his company website and he also put the slides, as well as some really rough code (for the rPI-based server and the “simulator” proxy) on GitHub: Check them out at here.
You can view his demo video demonstrating this technique with a brand-new AppleTV here.


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