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Top Free Web Hosting Providers
Top Free Web Hosting Providers
10-03-2013 - 04:02 PM


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I have spent the past month on trying to find the best free web hosting providers as I know a lot of people who are looking for free web hosting and it is extremely hard to find a reliable and stable free web hosting provider but i have created a list of the best free web hosting providers so that it is easier for you guys to chose from.

1. http://x10hosting.com/

The best free web hosting provider is X10hosting for a few reasons indeed, they have absolutely no restriction on bandwidth or space consumption and they are using the easiest to use control panel, cPanel, they also have a support forums which has a massive community base which is very supportive, a definite choice for the newbie who is looking to get their foot in the door.

2. http://000webhost.com/

In second place for the top free web hosting provider we have 000webhost, they have a generous 1.5GB Space and 100GB Bandwidth in their free package, they also have an enormous community forum with a lot of active users, out of all the providers listed in the Top Free Web Hosting Providers article 000webhost is the largest, only downside is that they have custom control panel and not cPanel, but it is similar.

3. http://1freehosting.com/

In third place we have 1freehosting who provide their users with 10GB Space and 100GB Bandwidth completely free, they also use the control panel named cPanel and they have most features that you would expect in a paid hosting account, unfortunately they do not have any community forum so community support is not there.

4. http://5gbfree.com/

5GBfree has come in fourth place who offer 5GB Disk space and 20GB Bandwidth, they also use cPanel which is a bonus as it is an easy to use control panel which most users are familiar. Unfortunately they also do not offer any type of community forums but otherwise they are a decent provider.

5. http://zymic.com/

Zymic has ended up being in fifth place mainly because they use their own control panel which is a little annoying sometimes but besides that they offer a nice 6GB space and 50GB bandwidth which is more than enough for some small sites. Zymic also have their own community forum which is a great place to get support and ask loads of questions.

6. http://byethost.com/

BYET Host is quite a popular free host due to their generous amount of space and bandwidth, 1GB of Space and 50GB of Bandwidth and it comes fully loaded with all the features you would expect in a paid host. One of the downsides to BYTE Host is that they use VistaPanel Control Panel instead of cPanel but it is still an OK control panel. BYET Host also has their own community forums in which they provide support to their users.

7. http://freewebhostingarea.com/

Free Web Hosting Area is 7th mainly because they have an unlimited amount of bandwidth for their users and they provide 1500MB of space, unfortunately they use a custom panel which might be a bit hard to understand at first but once you get used to it you will have a fast service. They also have community forums which are under construction.

8. http://freehostia.com/

Freehostia is ranked 8th because of it's 250MB Space and 6GB of Bandwidth they offer to their free clients, unfortunately they use a custom control panel to host their clients, but they do have community forums in which they support their clients.

9. http://50webs.com/

50Webs is listed 9th on our list as they offer their free web hosting users 250MB of Space and 5GB of Bandwidth, they also include a variety of features with their accounts but unfortunately the do not use cPanel, they use a custom control panel. 50Webs also have community forums for their users.

10. http://awardspace.com/

Award Space list by offering their free web hosting clients 250MB of space and 5GB of Bandwidth, they also use a custom control panel but they do have community forums in which they offer support.

Otherwise, a few more:
# http://www.biz.nf/
# http://www.freehostingeu.com/
# http://www.freehostia.com/
# http://www.110mb.com/
# http://www.sitesfree.com/
RE: Top Free Web Hosting Providers
01-02-2014 - 08:09 PM
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Nice post really helpful for those who are looking for free hosting providers to host their website online ..I usually wont prefer free hosting providers to host my business website online .Instead i have hosted my website with the vendor XnYnZ.com here they are rendering hosting service at packages starting from $5.99 per month and varies depending upon some features .They also render good customer service and support ...
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