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Blogger: "The page you requested is invalid."
Blogger: "The page you requested is invalid."
02-25-2014 - 05:30 PM
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Today, I want to write something so I've decided choose Blogger. When I try to make a new blog, the Blogger's address is available but when I click to "Create Blog!" it won't let me continue, it says: "The page you requested is invalid."
I am sure that I'm signed in at http://www.blogger.com/home with the correct email and password, I've tried using a different browser or computer and the same thing happens.
I google it and I found something like:
Quote:Have you tried signing out, clearing your browser's cache and cookies, then (temporarily) disabling any extensions that are running in your browser before signing in again?

If you use Chrome, you can select the option to create a New "Incognito" browser window and use that to sign in to Blogger.

Source: productforums.google.com
I've tried all method that I've found but I cannot resolve the issue.
Otherwise, when I google it and I know that is not only Blogger which have this issue but also some Google products like: Gmail account, Google Groups for Business ...
There're alot of questions on Google's Product forums about this issue but no answer can resolve it.

How can resolve Google Products's issue: "The page you requested is invalid."

After sereral times, I finally found the trick to solve this issue and now I can create a new blog. I'm glad to share my tips and tricks in this post to everybody, I'm sure my method can resolve the issue.

There're many reasons why this issue can occur, in my case it's because of IP address problem so I've decided to change my IP address.

To change your IP address:

Method 1: Using FAKE IP Softwares
You can easily to Google this software by keywords: "FAKE IP Software" or something like that. There're alot of free softwares that you can using to change your IP address.

Method 2: Using Google Chrome extention: ZenMate
In my case, I don't use any FAKE IP software, I choose Google Chrome extention ZenMate because it's very simple and more effective.

Method 3: Using your smartphone's 3G
Enable your smartphone's 3G then turn on sharing internet access, connect your laptop to your smartphone's network.

Method 4: Using your neighbour's internet(not recommended) or your company's internet

NOTE: to sure that your IP address has changed, you access to: http://www.myipaddress.com/show-my-ip-address/

After you've changed your IP address, I am sure that you can easily to make a new blog or create a gmail account ...
Finally, this issue was resolved. Good luck.
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