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How to recover data in Google Drive
How to recover data in Google Drive
01-10-2014 - 06:35 PM


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I recently had a problem with Spreadsheet and Form files that I've created in Google Drive, I cannot open them, when I tried to open Google noticed me:
"We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service. If you feel this is in error, please request a review."

And my files in Google Drive like this:
I was very disappointed with this, because this problem has just destroyed my weeks of hardwork and blocked access to the file we need asap. 

Why Google block access your data in Google Drive?

This problem has just destroyed my weeks of hardwork and blocked access to the file we need asap. I was using this form/spreadsheet for collecting username and passwords and signatures for all email users on our company domain - as we are moving our hosted email service to a new provider.
It was caught incorrectly by Google automated scanning system for potentially abusive Drive items. Generally, using a Google Form to collect confidential information – such as IDs, passwords, bank account numbers, and passport numbers – violates their Terms of Service.

Basically any form or spreadsheet or document that is shared at one time or another gets "sniffed" by Google.
  • On the forms: They are looking to make sure that personal information is not being collected.
  • For the documents and spreadsheets: they are ensuring that it does not contain any spammy content that is being added to multiple people's accounts.
What will Google do with the content that's found to violate Google's Terms of Service?

Quote:Content that’s still found to violate Google’s Terms of Service or program policies after the appeal process is complete will be deleted within 30 days of the final decision.
Please read this because you can lost all data in Google Drive: https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2463328?hl=en
So recover your data as fast as you can do!
How can I recover my data?

What can you do when Google block access your data in Google Drive?
In this article, I will show you 2 methods to fix this problem:

When you have this problem, the following instructions you should to immediately:
Step 1: You can get this process started by asking the owner of the document to click the "Request a Review" link on the ToS notification page.
Step 2: Then, after requesting a review, you should get this screen: 
Step 3: Monitor your docs list page. If it does not change within 48 hours, go back into the form and try to request a review again.
You should get a message like this:
Step 4: Click to link(here) then, you'll probably have to fill out a form looking like this: 
Step 5: Give it another 24-48 hours for a response via email. And you will receive a email like this:
This is your final verdict. There is no more appeal after this stage. Then you can access your data.

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