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How to Sync Bookmarks across Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer
How to Sync Bookmarks across Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer
12-10-2013 - 03:14 AM


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I. Install Xmarks extension on each web browser
In each browser, go to www.xmarks.com > click on the Install Now button

On Google Chrome
Step 1: Click on the Download Xmarks button. You’ll be redirected to Chrome Web Store. Click on + FREE button.

Step 2: Click on the Add button to install the extension.

On Firefox
Step 1: Click on the Download Xmarks button.
A pop-out menu will appear > click on the Allow button.

Step 2: Wait some seconds for the download progress completes > Click on the Install Now button.
Step 3: Restart your Firefox.

II. Create Xmarks account to sync your bookmarks.
Now we need to create an Xmarks account to sync our data. This task might be performed either on Google Chrome or Firefox.
Tips: from my experience you should create Xmarks account on the browser that has your main bookmarks.

If you want to create your Xmarks account on Chrome:
Step 1:
Click on the Xmarks icon next to the address bar > select Xmarks Settings

Step 2:
Click on Run Setup Wizard

Step 3:
Choose the “Create an account for me” option > click on Next

Step 4:
Fill out your desired username, your email, and password > click Next

Step 5:
After your Xmarks account created successfully, click on the Sync button

Then your bookmarks will be uploaded to Xmarks server.

If you want to create your Xmarks account on Firefox:
Step 1:
You will see a notification of Xmarks at the Firefox start page > click on it.

Step 2:

Step 3:
Fill out your desired username, password, and your email > click on Create Account
Step 4:
Check or uncheck some optional settings depending on your demand > finally click on Next to upload your Firefox bookmarks to Xmarks server.

Step 5:
After successfully upload, click on Finish.

III. Sync your bookmarks:
Now you need to log in your Xmarks account on the other browser to sync your bookmarks.
In my case, my main bookmarks is on Google Chrome so I created Xmarks account on Chrome, and now I will need to sign in Xmarks account on my Mozilla Firefox to sync my bookmarks.
Step 1:
Click on Firefox button > click on Add-ons 

Step 2:
At the Add-on Manager window, click on the Options button of Xmarks.

Step 3:
At the Xmarks settings screen, click on Log in.

Step 4:
Enter your Xmarks account and password that was created on Chrome > click Sign in

Step 5:
Click on Synchronize Now 
After finishing synchronize, close the Add-on Manager and go to your Firefox start page to check the result.
From now on, your bookmarks will be seamlessly synced between Google Chrome and Firefox.

Beside Firefox and Chrome, Xmarks also supports Internet Explorer and Safari (Mac OS). So let try it on your own.

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