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How to Grant Full Permission to a File or a Folder in Windows 8.1
How to Grant Full Permission to a File or a Folder in Windows 8.1
11-21-2013 - 03:24 AM


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[Image: GrantFullPermissiontoaFileoraFolder1_zpse8e44080.jpg]

We already show you How to Take Ownership of a File or a Folder in Windows 8.1, now in the next step this tutorial will describe How to grant full control permission to a file or a folder in Windows 8.1.
  • To change permissions on any file or folder, you must be the owner of that file or folder first.
  • You can set permissions only on drives that are formatted to use NTFS.
  • Groups or users who are granted Full Control on a folder can delete any files in that folder regardless of the permissions that protect the file.
Now follow these steps:​

1. Select the file or folder that you want to grant permission > click on the Share tab > click on the Advanced Security button
[Image: GrantFullPermissiontoaFileoraFolder1_zps33121475.png]

2. Click on the Add button
[Image: GrantFullPermissiontoaFileoraFolder2_zps4eb094f1.png]

3. Click on Select a principal link
[Image: GrantFullPermissiontoaFileoraFolder3_zps6900fd8e.png]

4. Click on the Advanced button
[Image: GrantFullPermissiontoaFileoraFolder4_zpsb298ab78.png]

5. Click on the Find Now button
[Image: GrantFullPermissiontoaFileoraFolder5_zps5db1263b.png]

6. Select your user then click on the OK button.
[Image: GrantFullPermissiontoaFileoraFolder6_zps31256307.png]

7. Click on the OK button
[Image: GrantFullPermissiontoaFileoraFolder7_zpscbdedffe.png]

8. Check the Full control box then click on the OK button
[Image: GrantFullPermissiontoaFileoraFolder8_zpsd65a21e6.png]

Make sure that the Type option is selected as "Allow" and if you grant full control permission to a folder, the Applies to option should be selected as "This folder, subfolders and files".

9. Now you can see your user in the permission list. Then click on the OK button.
[Image: GrantFullPermissiontoaFileoraFolder9_zps754efead.png]

10. A Windows Security warning may appear, just click on Yes.
[Image: GrantFullPermissiontoaFileoraFolder10_zps1f0dbd6d.png]
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RE: How to Grant Full Permission to a File or a Folder in Windows 8.1
02-19-2014 - 12:10 AM
 Tom Richards
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Although my boxes in 8.1 were slightly different, I could figure out what to do next. THANK YOU for this information.

OK, now I have ONE of my files/folders accessible. I have 5000 more. Am I supposed to do this individually? There must be a way to change permissions system-wide.

RE: How to Grant Full Permission to a File or a Folder in Windows 8.1
11-27-2014 - 03:59 AM
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Hi. Although I carried out all these instructions, at the point of hitting OK in paragraph 9, I get the message:
An error occurred while applying security information to C:\Users\All Users, Failed to enumerate objects in the counter. Access is denied.

Pressing continue appears to display the same message for folders inside that folder.

The reason why I am trying to grant permissions is that a family tree product is trying to create a file when I download it, in a folder in that folder and cannot.

Any ideas please


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