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How to stop useless Services in your slow Computer
How to stop useless Services in your slow Computer
09-28-2013 - 02:16 AM


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How to stop Useless Services in your Slow Computer

There are many useless services can slow your computer. These services use memory resource and can be controlled by spyware. Technically, service is known as a process to run various processes which do not requires user's intervention.
Services supports basic programs run efficiently on Windows system and achieve special effects. However, not all the services are necessary. Optimizing services can reduce CPU usage to prevent computer get slowdown and crash. We are talking about the free way to speed up your computer.

Step 1

Manage startup programs using System Configuration Utility. Slow startup is the normally caused by overload. Microsoft provides us the utility for startup program removal and others. To open the feature, you can click Start menu and select Run. In the diagnose box type the command Msconfig. In the System Configuration Utility interface click Startup tab to view the startup programs list. Then uncheck any items you don't want it to load during computer booting. It will be effective after rebooting.


Step 2

Manage service on your computer. Additional services are added to your computer when you install some third-party software. As the result, the CPU usage may reach to a high level and memory is taken away. Then your computer slows down and crashes a lot. You now access the System Configuration Utility and select Service to disable them all. However, without suggestion, we always make error when doing that. Manually disabling service does more harm than good. So using system optimize tool like WinMate is a good choice. It’s free and can absolutely speed up your computer.


Step 3

Clean up the desktop icons. Desktop icons will slow the startup more or less. Deleting the shortcuts only eliminates the icons. To remove the program, you have to go to Control Panel.


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