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7 steps to rename batch files(multiple files)
7 steps to rename batch files(multiple files)
11-05-2013 - 09:06 PM


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Sometime you need to rename batch (multiple) files for example: rename multiple photo or image files, doc files, txt files etc,
Windows comes with a variety of ways to rename multiples files at once from Windows Explorer, the Command Prompt, or PowerShell as the article in the website howtogeek.com here is it: http://www.howtogeek.com/111859/
But this method is not a powerful method, Windows will rename all files for exemple:
- Input file: pic-12.jpg, pic-13.jpg, pic-14.jpg ...
- Output renamed file: vacation (1).jpg, vacation (2).jpg, vacation (3).jpg ...
It's look ugly and you cannot customize options for example: if i want to trim the letters "pic-" and unchanged the remaining so how can i do that?

So i will show you how to rename batch (multiple) files as whatever you want. Let start!
Download Advanced Renamer Setup: http://www.mediafire.com/?od1h6p783tusgy2
7 steps to rename batch files(multiple files)


Step 1: Choose Folder Panel
Step 2: Choose the folder contain the files that you want to rename them.
Step 3: Click to Add selected.
Step 4: Click to OK
Step 5: You will see the list of your files.
Step 6: Click to method that you want to use for example: Trim -> this method for trim the file names, or New name ...
Step 7: After choose the suitable name that you want click to START BATCH.


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