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How to use Primo Ramdisk to speed up PC 50 times faster
How to use Primo Ramdisk to speed up PC 50 times faster
10-29-2013 - 09:36 PM


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I. Recommendation:
RAM: should at least 4GB of RAM. You still use a RAM disk with lower amount of RAM, but if you have 4GB or less I recommend that, you should buy an additional RAM to boost your PC’s performance.
Windows version: should be a 64-bit version of Windows to support more than 4GB of RAM.

II. Preparation:
Step 1: Download and install Primo Ramdisk.
[Image: 00_zps29f0d239.png]

The version I used in this tutorial is Primo Ramdisk Server Edition v5.6.0.
You can check the features of Primo Ramdisk right below and here to compare then choose the best solution for you.
[Image: 01_zps7a9a7c38.png]

Step 2: Launch the program
[Image: 1_zps92fccac5.png]

If you have a 32-bit Windows OS with more than 4 GB of RAM, you can enable the option “Invisible Memory” to use fully 4GB or more memory.
Click the [Image: 22_zpsd4c734f1.png] icon button to open the window to enable it. Please consult the information from Romex Software before use Invisible Memory option (here and here).

Step 3: Click on the [Image: 2_zps2bc79fe4.png] icon button to see the wizard:
[Image: 3_zps08856982.png]

Step 4: Select “Create a disk with new settings” then click “Next” to go to Basic Settings
[Image: 4_zpsa86feecb.png]

Disk size: enter the size of the virtual disk. This number bases on the available RAM that you have to use and your needs. If you plan to evaluate the software, then you may want to start with 500MB to 1024MB.
if you want a 2GB RAM Disk, enter 2046MB
if you want a 4GB RAM Disk, enter 4092MB

Disk type: Choose Direct-IO Disk to has better performance than a SCSI (especially on accessing small files)
One-time disk: leave it blank.

Step 5: Click “Next” to go to Substance Settings
[Image: 5_zpse2d23609.png]

We are trying to create a RAM DISK so you should make this setting like:
Physical Memory: set 500MB
Physical Drive: set 0 MB

Use Invisible Memory: If you enabled “Invisible Memory” before as noted at the second step, you now can use this option. In this case, I disabled this option so now the field is gray out.
If this checkbox is ticked, Primo Ramdisk will first try to use Invisible Memory for the virtual disk, and then use system managed memory if the available Invisible Memory amount is not enough.
Quota: Limit the maximum amount of Invisible Memory for the virtual disk.

Dynamic memory management: Select this option. This feature is useful when you do not want a ram disk to always occupy the system memory.

Physical Drive Settings: gray out because the size of Physical Drive is zero.

Step 6: Click “Next” to go to File System Settings
[Image: 6_zps770f1911.png]

File system: FAT32 is faster than NTFS but limited at 4GB file size.
Cluster size: default
Volume label: change it if you need.
Create "TEMP" folder automatically: check this box because later we will set up Windows TEMP/TMP environment variable to this ram disk.

Step 7: Click “Next” to go to Advanced File System Settings
[Image: 7_zps7a20bb38.png]

We can leave as default and click “Next”.

Step 8: Image Settings
[Image: 8_zps5c412a8e.png]

Check the box Enable associated image file. If you leave it with blank, the RAM disk will be wiped every time your PC shuts down.
Select the option Load & save
Check the box Delay Load Mode – that helps to reduce the start-up time a lot especially when the image file is large.

With the option we checked, now the program will save RAM-disk data to the hard drive when we turn off the computer, and reload saved data to the RAM disk automatically when the computer boots.

Step 9: Click “Next” to go to Image Settings
[Image: 9_zpsb941dea6.png]

Leave it with the default settings and click “Next”

Step 10: Click “Finish” to confirm to create the RAM Disk
[Image: 10_zps719e9d89.png]

[Image: 11_zps8b2f52ef.png]

Then Primo Ramdisk will start to create a new virtual disk and then show it on the main window.

[Image: 12_zpse09da415.png]

III. Speed up your PC

1. Change the Windows TEMP and TMP to a new location on RAM DISK
Click on the [Image: 13_zpsc6c0bfb8.png] icon button to open a new window.
At the Environment Variables Tool section, click the dot button to select new location then choose TEMP folder in the RAM DISK.
[Image: 14_zpsc65b4c36.png]

Click “Change” button then restart Windows.
Note: to restore the environment variables to Windows default values, click Default button.

2. Move the cache of Google Chrome, Firefox and IE to RAM DISK

Google Chrome:
Right-click on Chrome > Properties.
[Image: 15_zps7f503209.png]

Target box: place your cursor at the end of the path. Add a space and add this string of text
--user-data-dir="your folder path"
Note: replace “your folder path” with the RAM disk path you will be using for your Chrome cache.

[Image: 16_zps64e0c8f7.png]

Click OK to finish.

  • Type about:config in the address bar, press Enter, and click through the warning
  • Right-click and select New > String from the menu. Enter browser.cache.disk.parent_directory as the preference name and then list the file path to your RAM disk cache folder as the string value.

Internet Explorer
  • Go to Tools > Internet Options > General
  • Click the Settings button in the Browsing History portion.
  • Click on Move Folder in the next window
  • Select the cache folder on your RAM disk

  • Open Opera web browser
  • Type in opera:config in the Opera address bar
  • Enter Cache Directory4 in the search bar
  • Modify the cache location(s) to point to the cache folder on your RAM disk
RE: How to use Primo Ramdisk to speed up PC 50 times faster
04-01-2014 - 05:48 PM
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nice info. dude , there's a simple way too, using a program named krojm cleaner you can make your computer work faster ....

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