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7-Zip vs. WinRAR - speed, compressed size
7-Zip vs. WinRAR - speed, compressed size
10-19-2013 - 02:52 PM


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[Image: 1_zps0772b7e3.png]

7-Zip for a long time ago is a popular archive manager beside a well-known one WinRAR. And I believe that many people wondering they should remain to use WinRAR or change to 7-Zip or have a question like among them what is better or what is faster in compression and decompression or what has the smaller compressed file size?
To find the correct answer for you I have deployed some tests of their performance.
And the results actually make me amazing. WinRAR is definitely the winner. It’s faster than 7-Zip in both compressing and decompressing. Moreover the compressed file size is also smaller.
WinRAR’s great performance of speed and compression ratio comes from its new features in the latest version WinRAR v5.00. You now have an option to compress files under a new archiving format called RAR 5.0. It’s a new compression algorithm that maximum compression dictionary size is increased up to 1 GB in 64 bit WinRAR. 32 bit WinRAR version can use up to 256 MB dictionary when creating an archive. The default dictionary size for RAR 5.0 is 32 MB, typically resulting in higher compression ratio and lower speed than RAR 4.x 4 MB.
Nevertheless one point to pay attention is that older WinRAR versions are not able to decompress RAR 5.0 archives. So if you zipped your files under RAR 5.0 format, it is necessary to inform other people about compatibility issue and suggest them to install WinRAR v5.00 or higher version.
Testing condition:
OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 31bit
Archive manager:
7-Zip v9.20 - 32bit - default settings - freeware
WinRAR v5.00 - 32bit - default settings – registered

[Image: 2_zps5a628645.png]

[Image: 3_zpse07e1ee7.png]

[Image: 4_zps54dc30da.png]

If you would like to install a full version of WinRAR 5.00, you can check out the thread shared on TipsandTricksforum right here
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