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Forum Announcement: Rules & Announcements
Rules & Announcements
01-22-2014 - 09:37 PM


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Rule 1 - Spamming
Always try to ensure that your posts are constructive and interesting. Posting without contributing to the discussion is not wanted. Offences in this category include:
Adding multiple posts with the same content several times over.
Adding multiple threads with the same content several times over.
Adding posts which are devoid of meaningful content.
Posting to ask for items or virtual goods (begging).
Posting threads with a misleading title.

Rule 2 - Text abuse
Text is the basis of all forum activity and, as such, it s important not to misuse it to cause disruption in the forums. Offences in this category include:
Posting in all-caps (uppercase).
Excessive use of line breaks or post-stretching.
Posting ASCII-art outside of designated threads.

Rule 3 - Trolling and flaming
Do not post with the sole intent of upsetting other players. If you want to leave criticism, consider your post and word it constructively. Offences in this category include:
Creating threads or posts with the intent of causing unrest on the forums.
Posting to offend, insult, taunt or aggravate other forum users.
Continuous posting to defame or discredit HQForums or its products.

Rule 4 - Memes and fads
Memes* and fads are very common around the internet and may seem funny the first time you see them. However, with a forum the size of HQForums's, they can become old and tiresome very quickly. We ask that you do not post any memes or fads in a derisive manner on our forums, in order to keep them clean and avoid spam.
* Not to be confused with common abbreviations.
Offences in this category include:
Posting meme or fad expressions such as Inb4, trololo, madbro etc. in a derisive manner.
Posting mocking copies of moderators or other players posts.

Rule 5 - Duplicate threads
Before posting, search the forums to check that there isn't a similar active thread already covering the subject. If there is a similar thread, consider posting there instead. Offences in this category include:
Posting a new topic when the discussion point has already been raised in other recent threads.
Posting the same thread across several forums.
Plagiarizing another thread.

Rule 6 - Stay on topic
To keep threads from derailing into discussions about something completely different, we ask that you stay on topic in each thread. If you have something different you wish to discuss, create a new topic yourself. Offences in this category include:
Intentionally derailing a thread.
Discussing or raising arguments about something unrelated to the thread.

Rule 7 - Harassment or defamatory posting
While we recognize that discussions on the internet may sometimes become a little heated, we do not allow any type of harassment or defamatory posting. Keep all posting reasonable and do not target a specific player or player group with baseless or nonconstructive criticism. Keep topics on the subject matter and do not get drawn into flame wars and personal attacks. Offences in this category include:
Posting to harass another user.
Posting to defame another user.
Posting with the sole intent of breaking another user.
Posting with the sole intent of bumping someone else's thread.
Posting to encourage other users to quit playing HQForums.
Naming another user in a negative light.
Stating who can and cannot post in a thread.

Rule 8 - Intolerance of Sexual preference
We do not tolerate any form of harassment or defamatory comments with regards to sexual preference. Offences in this category include:
Posting of insults or harassment with regards to sexual preference.
Promotion of negativity and hatred based on sexual preferences.
Posting to promote a specific sexual preference as more valid than others.
Using sexual preference as an insult.

Rule 9 - Racism
We do not tolerate any forms of racism. Offences in this category include:
Posting racist slurs or comments.
Posting racist references or symbolism.
Promotion of racial or ethnic hatred.
Use of racist terms and / or stereotyping.

Rule 10 - Nationalism
We understand that most people are proud of their national identity. However, in the same vein as Racism, overt Nationalism is not tolerated on the forums. Offences in this category include:
Posting to promote national hatred.
Posting to ridicule or offend inhabitants of another nation.

Rule 11 - Sexism
We are very proud of having such a diverse community. We believe in equality and we do not allow any form of sexist posting. Offences in this category include:
Posting to belittle a gender.
Posting sexist remarks.

Rule 12 - Religious, political or otherwise sensitive discussion
As religion and politics are prone to start flame wars or cause grief, we do not allow them to be discussed in the forums. It s also important to respect each other s way of life and what we chose to believe in. For this reason, we ask that you do not post inflammatory comments about religious beliefs or political stances. Offences in this category include:
Posting threads to discuss religion.
Posting threads to discuss politics.
Posting to initiate political or religious discussion.
Posting to defame religious figures.
Posting to harass followers of any particular faith.
Posting to ask for relationship advice.

Rule 13 - Profane or vulgar posting
To keep our forums free of unpleasant posting we ask that you refrain from adding posts or threads containing vulgar or profane references. Offences in this category include:
Posts with obscene and / or inappropriate contents.
Bypassing the offensive language filter with the intent to offend or shock.
Inappropriate references to bodily functions.

Rule 14 - Discussion of moderators or disciplinary actions
Moderators are valued supporters of our forums and sometimes need to make difficult decisions. These are discussed with us and are made by following guidelines we have provided. Posting to ask for clarification regarding a rule break is fine, but arguing about it is not. Offences in this category include:
Creating threads or posts to harass, discredit or defame a specific moderator.
Creating threads or posts to argue against a moderator's decision.
Posting to flame a moderator.
Continuous posting to defame or discredit moderators or a specific moderator.
Posting to argue with a specific moderator.

Rule 15 - Circumventing mute or ban
When we apply a mute or a ban on someone, we intend to keep them from continuing the argument or disruption. Offences in this category include:
Coming back on another account after being muted or banned to continue an argument.

Rule 16 - Real life information
We make a point of keeping the personal lives of our users and the HQForums forums separate. This is important as the forums are frequented by a large number of users. We do not allow posting of personally identifiable information for the safety of everyone. Offences in this category include:
Posting of any personal information about a user or HQForums staff member.

Rule 17 - Real-life threats
We do not tolerate any kind of real-life threats or indications towards hostile actions. Offences in this category include:
Posting of threats of real life violence.

Rule 18 - Releasing confidential information
Confidential information is confidential for a reason. We do not want any such material to be posted on the forums, regardless of how it arrived in the hands of a user. Offences in this category include:
Posting of confidential information related to HQForumsor any other products that are on HQForums.
Posting data which is not available through the normal usage of HQForums.
Posting information from internal moderator forums.
Posting inbox messages about bans or other disciplinary actions.

Rule 19 - Advertising and Links
At this time, we do not allow links* to be posted on the forums due to the risks of hijacking and phishing. This includes referring to media or website profiles as they in turn may carry malicious links. Offences in this category include:
Posting phishing e-mail replicas.
Advertising websites that does NOT allow HQForums to advertise.
Exceptions in this rule:
You are allowed to post:
Any social media website (Includes YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, InstaGram, and so on).

Rule 20 - Impersonating moderators
Moderators have a very important role on these forums and users need to know that they can trust moderators to act in line with these rules. Offences in this category include:
Impersonating an HQForums moderator or claiming to be a representative of HQForums.
Impersonating or claiming to be a forum or player moderator when you are not.
Stating that you or someone else is a player moderator on the forums.
Indicating that you own another account which is a moderator of any sort.

Rule 21 - Drugs
Discussion or references to drugs are not tolerated on our forums. Moderators will use common sense in applying this rule. Offences in this category include:
Discussing drugs.
Making references to drugs.

Rule 22 - Catch-all
Our primary concern is the good of the community and we want to make it clear that these rules are not exhaustive. It may be necessary for us to take action against accounts in order to remove disruptive behavior, even if it is not specifically mentioned in the rules. Moderators may sometimes use their personal judgement, with the overall interest of the wider community at heart, in order to curtail or remove disruptive behavior that is not clearly covered by the rules, on a case by case basis.
When forum moderators apply this rule, the situation will always be liaised with Administrators and if necessary, clarified for future reference in the rule set.

Rule 23 - Offensive Language
In this rule comes back; racism, sexism, this rule also includes swearing. Arguing may happen. But if it happen be wise and decide to leave the conversation and prevent yourself from going to far.

Rule 24 - Scamming
You must not scam or deceive other user. Lying to other players for your own personal gain is not in the spirit of the forums.
HQForums Staff are not responsible for any items lost but if you do get scammed immediately report the player and we will take action towards them. No refunds will be administered since if everyone got refunds we\'d be overloaded with requests and demands, you must understand the circumstances and keep your items safe during player to player interactions
By breaking this rule:
You will receive a permanent internet protocol (IP) ban.
If you have more than 2 accounts, you will be banned on all of them.

Rule 25 - Sharing accounts
Sharing accounts is obviously not allowed. If you do so, (we can't patch it) its totally at you're own risk! If we do find out that you are sharing a account with someone, you're account will than be permanently banned from the forums!
Exceptions in this rule:
If your brother has an account on here, you must show proof.

Rule 26 - Bug abuse
If you find a bug on the forums to hack someone's account or anything related to that - and if you abuse that/not report that to us via the report bug/fault/broken-link system, will get you be permanently banned!

Rule 27 - Quote-train
Quote-train is when you keep quoting other posts without any reason. You can quote up to 5 quotes. But more than 5 is quote-train (Spam).

Rule 28 - Reputation
We often get some reports about being reputation abuse and so on. Here are some of the reputation rules. Offences in this category include:
Making new accounts to give yourself a positive reputation - you will be banned on both.
Giving a negative reputation towards people for no reason - you will be warned/infracted.
Telling members to "gang up" on another user to keep giving him negative reputation - you and all of the members will be banned.
Asking for reputation.

Rule 29 - Bring Up My Post (BUMP)
Bumping so often used by a lot of forums/members around the internet, and even Global (Me) bumps. Offences in this category include:
Bumping more than 1 time in 3 hours (You may bump once every 3 hours).

Addition to the rules (might have already been shown above).

Ban Evasion
This rule includes but is not limited to:
Creating and using a secondary account to start using the forum again like posting and messaging while an active account is serving a forum ban. The only exception is to appeal a punishment and you don't do anything but make an appeal.

Multiple Accounts/Account Selling
- Making more then one account and abusing the HQForums system will be punishable with a ban. Any account selling will result in a ban of both accounts, no exceptions.

Flame/Censor Evasion
- You can not use offensive words towards a member of HQForums.
    Also if you try to avoid the censor that will also result in a punishment. This censor invasion also applies for advertising.

- Harassment will not be tolerated. The punishment for harassment will vary from mild, to severe depending on the situation at hand, offences committed, and other such factors. Racism, ageism, sexism, discrimination, segregation, and such offensive manners are also considered harassment and under no conditions will they be tolerated. Using offensive language against another user and repeatedly following there posts and replying as flame. Harassment is like flaming by the way.

Inappropriate Content
- You are not permitted to post or send links or images of pornography, child pornography, nudity, gore, or obscure/inappropriate content to other forums members. Brief child nudity is prohibited. This also applies for all forum features like the signature.

Encouraging/Aggravating Others To Break Rules
- You are not allowed encourage or aggravate others to break rules. This includes taunting, ridiculing & provoking. The punishment for this will vary on the severity of its outcome.

- Spam can happen in a lot of ways. This ways of spam are rapid posting, meaningless posts, gibberish(ex. sdfkls;dfks;ldjf) and unrelated posts to the topic. This rule is very important and if not followed could lead to a watch or as far as a mute. Please make your posts meaningful. Think about what you are posting before doing so, and make sure it abides with the forum rules. Posting meaningless messages or messages in another language besides EU-English and US-English will be considered spam.

- Plagiarism includes claiming other peoples work, projects, images, graphics, servers, clients, and such things as your own, and involves a wide variety of things. Being caught doing so can result in a watch or as far as a mute.

Staff Impersonation
- Posing as another staff member is not tolerated at all. Only members with the actual rank is a staff member. This is like confusing new members for example, saying to donate to them for a donator rank counts as staff impersonation.

- Respect is an important rule here at HQForums. Our goal here is to stand out from other communities. We want a nice community were no one feels threatened. This is what make the whole community. This respect doesn't just apply to other members it is also nice to respect the rules and staff as well. The staff are just trying to make this forum better so don't hate on them please.

These are the forum rules, if you have any questions or concerns please message a staff member.

Follow these rules, and nothing will happen. However, if you don't follow them. You will face severe consequences.

Forewarned has warned of.

Read more General Rules & Regulations

Kind Regards,